I have a new hobby. Well, actually it’s more like a “hobby-in-progress” if you will. My new hobby is this: vinyl records.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to acquire an old gramophone, one with a big metal horn. As of yet, I haven’t acquired said desired item. But I have, however, recently purchased three 12 inch vinyl LP’s. They’re brand-new, still in the plastic wrap, and are all albums released in the last decade by fairly well-known bands. So, without further ado, I now introduce the first three LP’s that I have ever owned:

The Postal Service – Give Up

Arcade Fire – Funeral

The Shins – Oh, Inverted World

All three LP’s were purchased for reasonable prices through the local Urban Outfitters store. Unfortunately, I do not have a turntable which I can use to play them. Although I am saddened by this fact, I will soon be able to purchase a low-cost (and no doubt entry-level) turntable. It should cover my needs adequately for the time being, until I can inquire of some local vinyl stores as to what kind of vintage turntable I should look into getting. I’m hoping for a portable turntable with built-in speakers (with the option for external speakers), a headphone outlet, and a compact suitcase-styled design. Ideally something similar to the portable turntables sold by Crosley, but perhaps of a higher caliber, quality-wise.

Even though three LP’s might not seem like much, to me they represent a phenomenal breakthrough. They are my first steps out of a world dominated by cold and calculated digital sound, and into a world where warm and soft analogue tunes are the order of the day. I may never come back. I suppose I’ll just keep you posted.


~ by offling on October 15, 2009.

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