Concerning Sleep And The Deprivation Thereof

I am really tired. Beyond tired. In fact, I’m in more of a zombie-like state, as opposed to just being plain sleepy. I suppose this comes from countless nights staying up till the wee hours of the morning…and the fact that since I now have a job, I have to actually get up in the mornings. Before 1 pm. This is a fact I find most disagreeable, but seeing as I receive financial compensation for working, I’ve learned to live with early wake-up times.

As for my being in a zombie-like state, I was not joking. As some who know me personally will no doubt testify, I am often seen staring off into space with no apparent reason, I can be told instructions and I won’t remember them even a few seconds later, and people tell me things that I don’t even hear. I have two rates of motion: slow, and slower. I’m constantly squinting and screwing up my face because the outdoors seems so ridiculously bright and harsh, and I would much rather be sleeping at any given moment.

I personally don’t mind these “symptoms”, if we must label them as such. But I know that some others do. Perhaps I should work on getting more sleep, even if its only to be more productive at work. I guess it would the “responsible” thing to do….


~ by offling on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Concerning Sleep And The Deprivation Thereof”

  1. Being a zombie is your dream. Don’t give up on your dreams!! 😉
    No more msn past midnight for you!

  2. I think sleep deprivation was used as some kind of torture technique during the war… self inflicted, though, hmm. >.< lol, nahh I know the feeling… there are so many other things you could do instead of sleep, all of the sudden, at around 11 PM. But resist! Resist! It builds character. 😛

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