The One

This is the first post on this blog in a very long time, and for this I apologize. Life caught up to me, and the payment it demanded was my time. However, I’m going to try to post much more regularly in the future…

I wrote the poem below a few months back, and I was just thinking that it might be nice to share it. Here goes:

they surround me,
enveloping me in a shroud of pain.

One hundred
or a thousand,
they are all the same,
causing me to falter,
my strength,
to wane.

My only armor,
brittle after years,
offers not its comfort,
its power,
and it is worn in vain.

These things are true,
I know them well.
To survive,
I have formed a shell.

A shell with the power
to block out the light,
to shut out all fear,
and bring on the night.

The night is black,
but so am I…
And it is cold,
as cold as my heart,
on which hard ice does lie…

These people,
these crowds,
I know they mean well.

They simply want to save me,
from a dark and endless

But little do they know,
and little do they see,
that the person I am running from
is here,
it’s me.

And so I enter my abode,
lonely with forgotten tears,
to quell my frightful thoughts,
to fight my hidden fears.

In doing this,
I spare them,
the cold and heartless rain,
showering my skin,
showering with pain.

I know they think they help me,
I know they think they care,
but in the end,
when all is done,
and all have left from here,
I know that they will realize,
that I’m the one they fear.


~ by offling on July 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “The One”

  1. Sounds like a quarter life crises to me. :O
    Really awesome writing. Did you edit this at all? Or did it just come out that way?

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment!

      Actually, I wrote this as an in-class assignment for an English course. This is pretty much straight up how it is. Its probably 98% the same as the original, because I do tend to make minor tweaks to specific words and phrasing when I make good copies of my writings. 🙂

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