Music Addiction Satisfied

I’ve been using an older iPod Classic (80 gb) to listen to my music for the past while, and it was working fairly well until I realized that the hold switch had begun to act up. Basically, the iPod would act as if the hold switch was switched to “ON”, even though it was actually switched to “OFF”. My first work-around was to hold the iPod in different positions (upside down, face down, face up, angled, etc…). This worked for a bit, until I found that I also had to begin adjusting the headphone jack connection in order to get the faulty hold restriction to disappear long enough to change my music. Soon after, however, it began to stay in a perpetual state of lock-down, acting as if the hold switch were constantly on.

Just when I was consigned to the fact that I would probably have to end up purchasing a replacement iPod, a family member of mine found a website for a store in the Vancouver area that repairs Apple products. 3 hours later, the iPod was fixed, after only a 30 minute waiting time and $55 dollars in billing.

Now I can listen to my music in peace again, without annoying interruptions every time I try to change the artist or song! Joy!

For any interested, their website is


~ by offling on June 20, 2009.

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