Operation Relocation at 25% Completion

As the clock struck 11 last night, Phase 1 of Operation Relocation reached completion. All belongings having been successfully removed from the confines of the previous residence, they now await transfer to the new housing facility. The eventual transfer of said belongings makes up Phase 2 of this highly complex and dangerous mission.

Upon arrival at their predetermined location, the items will be distributed to their various assigned places and Phase 3 will have begun. Phase 3 is a lengthy task which must be handled with the greatest precision and care, for even the slightest miscommunication or misplacement of a key object can mean certain and utter failure of the mission, compromising all involved.

After Phase 3 comes Phase 4, the final task in this operation. The agents who survived long enough to complete Phases 1 through 3 will be instructed to reside in the new site. Time will be dedicated to observing the local wild life and the potential threats and/or dangers of this new environment, and the data recorded will be used to further streamline and optimize future operations of a similar nature.

The world is undergoing a tumultuous and dangerous change. It is up to us to adapt to this change and to learn to thrive, for if we do not, our positions as agents will mean nothing in a world dominated by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


~ by offling on April 17, 2009.

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