Operation Relocation

As with all things to do with Life, change has inexorably crept into my relatively uneventful life. It had to happen sometime, I suppose, and it seems that the time for change is now. What kind of change you ask? This change, this phenomenally life-altering occurrence, this conclusion to a chapter of my B-rated life and the beginning of another likely ill-fated chapter, is this: I am moving.

Yes, you read correctly. I, along with my family, am packing our belongings and relocating to a new abode. Why the sudden decision? Life. Life happens, despite our best attempts at suppressing her inconveniences and avoiding her blindingly obvious attempts to trip us up with the events and circumstances that seem to randomly appear at precisely the same spot on the road of existence that our foot was planning to land next.

The real question remains, however: Will our new place of dwelling grant me the opportunity to blast my music at a decibel level high enough to properly pay my respects to my ridiculously huge collection of music?

Time, only time, will tell. Time is finicky though. I might give her a cookie to help her along in her decision-making process.


~ by offling on March 16, 2009.

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